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DJ Birgy


My name is Brett Birgensmith. I'm the owner and founder of

As You Wish DJ Entertainment here in Eastern North Carolina.  

I am married to an amazing wife, Samantha, and we're blessed with 2 children, M.J. & Wesley.


 I have always loved music. I was that guy that made mix tapes / CD’s, with dial-up internet. After school I continued my passion for music as a DJ / MC online and various clubs and establishments. One of my fans stated to me that I would be an awesome wedding DJ and they wished that they would have had me instead of the DJ that they hired. This was not the first time that I have heard "horror stories" of bad DJ's. I knew I could do so much better, the way it should be done.

Over the next decade I've had the privilege to work with numerous recording artists, bands, companies, and establishments in the wedding  and music industry, refining my knowledge and skills as a DJ, performer, MC, Event Planner and as a wedding special effects artist. Acquiring knowledge and experience with all of the intricacies of  how a wedding should flow, between the planning, formalities, order of events, and optimal overall guest entertainment to fulfill a bride and groom's special day just as they envisioned.

It truly brings me happiness to be involved and entrusted with such a large role in the celebratory and beginning stages of two individuals  and their families coming together. There's no better reward than placing that smile of pure happiness on a brides' and grooms' faces - from the time of their event booking, all the way to the words behind them reading, ‘Just Married'!


I look forward to working with each and every one of you!

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